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Gra terenowa „Smocza rozgrywka”

26 sierpnia 2020 r. o godz. 17:00 w Parku Miejskim im. Górników Siarkowych w Staszowie.
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"Impossible" is in our heads - interview with Jan Mela

This interview was conducted by: Luiza Halota, Maja Toporowska and Julia Orzechowska - students of Public Middle School No. 2 in Staszów.
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Seniors' Day in Staszów

On Sunday, 20th of November, a special meeting took place at the Joy of Life Seniors' Club, to celebrate Seniors' Day. Mayor of Staszów Leszek Kopeć was there to meet the club's members and sympathisers.
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Social Workers' Day in Staszów

On Friday 18th of November, a special meeting to celebrate the Social Workers' Day was held at the auditorium of School Complex at Koszarowa St. in Staszów. Mayor of Staszów Leszek Kopeć and Deputy Mayor Ewa Kondek were special guests.
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98th anniversary of Poland's reclaimed independence

Poland's 98th National Independence Day was celebrated at Staszów's Market Square, near the Tadeusz Kościuszko Memorial Statue.
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A run for Independent Poland

On Friday 11 November students celebrated the 98th anniversary of Poland reclaiming its independence, with a sports competition. More than 100 contestants participated in the fifth Independence Street Run in Staszów.
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Municipality of Staszów awarded for its investment estate

The Regional Policy Department of Świętokrzyskie Province Marshal's Office in Kielce has announced the winners of the 5th edition of "My Innovative Environment - My Innovative Municipality" plebiscite.
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The First "Golejów Ten"

Sylwester Lepiarz (32:26,86) from Wronów and Wioletta Kierczyńska (45:27,28) from Brzeziny got first place in their categories and left their mark in history as the first winners of "Golejów Ten" run. This run's first edition took place on 24th of October 2016 in Golejów.
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A development plan for our schools

On Friday, 21st of October, an agreement to prepare technical documentation for planned development of several educational establishments in our Municipality was signed in the Municipal and Communal Office of Staszów.
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"Staszów Talent". Finals with prizes

Local finals of the second edition of "Talent of Świętokrzyskie Province" talent show, organized by "Echo Dnia", were held on Thursday, 20th of October, in Staszów Culture Center's performance hall.
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Local Revitalization Program conference

On Thursday, 20th of October, a conference summing up the realization of the "Development of Local Revitalization Program for Town and Municipality of Staszów" program was held at the Municipal Office's conference hall. Mayor of Staszów, Leszek Kopeć, was the conference's organizer.
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Eighth edition of the "Friendly Municipality" program

Staszów received the title of "Friendly Municipality 2016" in the rural-urban municipalities category.
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University of the Third Age students are back to school

On Thursday, 13th of October, another University of the Third Age academic year was inaugurated.
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Middle school volleyball tournament for Mayor's Cup

On September 29, 2016, a middle school volleyball tournament of "fours" for the Mayor's Cup was held at the Educational Complex No. 2 in Staszów. Each school participating in the event could register two teams.
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Municipal Office wins the Cup

The management and employees of Municipal and Communal Office of Staszów displayed their impressive marskmanship at a shooting tournament.
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Unveiling of the renewed Town Stadium

On Saturday, September 24, the renewed Town Stadium of Staszów was ceremoniously unveiled. This event was also connected with the 50th anniversary celebrations of Grupa Azoty "Siarkopol" Sulfur Mines and Chemical Plants in Grzybów.
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Unveiling of the renewed Town Stadium, and the 50th anniversary of Grupa Azoty "Siarkopol" Sulfur Mines and Chemical Plants in Grzybów

We invite you to join us during the unveiling event of the renewed Town Stadium in Staszów!
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A ton of attractions awaited the participants of the second "WW Picnic", a "picnic" outdoors event in Wola Wiśniowska, which happened on August 28th. This year's picnic was under the patronage of Leszek Kopeć, Mayor of Town and Municipality of Staszów, and Michał Skotnicki, County Governor of Staszów.
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Reading at the Old Park

On September 3, 2016, an outdoors meeting with reading books and other fun activities was held at the Old Park in Staszów.
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0.48 seconds to gold

A silver medal and the title of Runner-up European Champion of Hearing-Impaired Juniors in the U23 category - these are Adrian Ojdana's achievements at the athletics competition in Karlsruhe, Germany.
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Ecological and natural values of our Municipality - a photo contest and an educational path

On August 3, 2016, the Municipality of Staszów has signed a grant agreement with the Provincial Environmental Protection and Water Management Fund in Kielce, in order to finance the tasks called: "Ecological and natural values of our Municipality - a photo contest and an educational path​", as part of priority tasks: "Ecological education infrastructure development" and "Community activation towards a balanced development, promoting ecological awareness and the idea of a balanced growth". The task's total budget is 11,010 zł, including the grant of 6,753 zł.
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Bread Day 2016

On 21st of August, Staszów celebrated "Bread Day - a Municipal Harvest Festival". Beautiful weather in the morning and in the afternoon had indicated a perfect day for the event.
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Shooters' success

Shooters of the "Niedźwiadek" Interschool Sports Club of Staszów achieved a huge success by getting to the grand finals of Youth Olympics, which were held in Wrocław during the week of 19.07 - 25.07.2016. Three junior contestants represented Staszów and Świętokrzyskie Province during grand finals: Jarek Makuch (pistol), Dawid Kozioł (pistol) and Jakub Śmistek (rifle).
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Another investment in Staszów's sports facilities

The initial stage of modernization of the sports complex on Koszarowa St. in Staszów has not yet been concluded, however another major investment is already planned for the complex.
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Harvest Festival in Smerdyna

Residents of Smerdyna celebrated their Harvest Festival on 31st of July. Representatives of the Autonomy of Town and Municipality of Staszów were among the guests participating in these festivities: mayor Leszek Kopeć, vice-president of Town Council Beata Gajek-Dyl, and county governor Michał Skotnicki attended the event. The Harvest Festival was organized and hosted by the Volunteer Fire Department of Smerdyna.
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Exhibition and picnic at Adam Bień Park

On the hot, Sunday afternoon of July 24 many of Staszów's residents visited the Adam Bień town park to participate in a special event. It was a picnic combined with an art exhibition, displaying paintings and other crafts of people from the Rehabilation and Education Facility in Staszów.
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Picnic with attractions in Golejów

On the Friday afternoon of 22nd of July, a summer picnic with numerous attractions was held in Golejów. The attendees were treated with various gifts and rewards. Musical performances were held at the picnic, with the "RYTM" Singing Club and Immunitet band appearing on stage.
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County Police Day 2016

The County Police Day celebrations were held On 22nd of July in Rytwiany, in the "Golden Forest Hermitage" building. Staszów's authorities were present at the ceremonies: mayor Leszek Kopeć, deputy mayor Ewa Kondek, and Town Council president Ireneusz Kwiecjasz.
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World Youth Day - welcoming Canadian pilgrims in Staszów

Ten pilgrims from Canada arrived in Staszów on the evening of July 20 . Mayor Leszek Kopeć, along with parish priest Szczepan Janas, welcomed the pilgrims at the St. Bartholomew Church square. Also present during the welcoming ceremony were volunteers and the families with which the pilgrims will be staying for the next four days.
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85 years of Volunteer Fire Department of Grzybów

This year, the Volunteer Fire Department of Grzybów celebrated its 85th anniversary of active duty. The anniversary ceremonies were held on July 16 in Grzybów. The ceremonies served as an opportunity to officially open the new and improved VFD headquarters - rebuilt thanks to the efforts of Municipality of Staszów - and to give the department a brand new fire engine, acquired in Nisko by mayor of Staszów, Leszek Kopeć.
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