Municipal and Communal Office of Staszów
tel.: 15 864 83 05
fax: 15 864 83 04

Business Related Institutions

Guild of Craftsmen and Other Entrepreneurs in Staszów

Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego St. 4, 28-200 Staszów

tel./fax: 15 864 40 41

Staszów Center of Integration and Entrepreneurship (SIG)

Parkowa St. 10, 28-200 Staszów

tel. 15 864 31 05


The center offers its services to current and potential entrepreneurs in following fields:


  • legal services,

  • basic consulting for people starting their business activity.


  • trades,

  • supporting new business activities,

  • specialistic courses (e.g. marketing, management, finances),

  • others.


  • verifying the credibility of trade partners,

  • informing about trade fairs and expos,

  • informing about available support programs,

  • providing news about economy and the law,

  • informing about current investment opportunities in the region,

  • making available a collection of forms and records.

District Employment Office in Staszów

Szkolna St. 4, 28-200 Staszów

tel./fax: 15 864 38 85, 15 864 25 06

Working hours: 7.00 – 15.00, Customer service: 7.30 – 14.30


National Entrepreneurship Support Association – Staszów Office

Długa St. 6, 28-200 Staszów

tel. 15 864 53 71



National Entrepreneurship Support Association offers its services to companies of all sizes: micro, small, medium and large, to local government entities, non-governmental organisations, unemployed and professionally inactive persons, in the following fields:


  • Taking up, carrying out and resigning from entrepreneurship activities

  • Acquiring of grants for establishing and developing businesses

  • Free and paid training courses

  • Advisory services

  • Possibility of funding through loan systems


  • Establishing and launching personal business

    Preparing applications for: receiving funds for undertaking business activities ( District Employment Office, other offices); receiving grants for upgrading workplaces; receiving grants for projects from the European Social and from competitions for NGOs; receiving investment aids from RPO, PROW, POPW and POIŚ programs.

  • Preparing research and development projects with POIR

  • Formulating an Investment Feasibility Study

  • Developing a marketing plan

  • Formulating sales strategy

  • Preparing business plans for loan applications in KSWP and for external institutions

  • Financial analysis of business activity / institution

  • Developing support/promotion strategies for local government entities

  • Human Resources counseling dealing with recruitment, incentive systems, staff appraisal

  • Implementing ISO Quality Management System

  • Preparing tenders / public tenders

  • Project Audit

  • Web design support

  • Graphic design support (logos, business cards, brochures, posters)

  • Advertising on LED boards

  • Business coaching


We offer training courses for everyone seeking new challenges and willing to further their personal growth, including:

  • entrepreneurs

  • unemployed persons looking for work

  • Ministry of State Treasury, state instutution and local government employees

Interested persons can participate in the following course methods:

  • open – executed with courses, training sessions, workshops – once a group of 8-10 participants has been established

  • closed – dedicated to one specific company or target audience

We offer means of improving and acquiring new skills by participating in the following course types:

  • specialistic

  • vocational

  • Information Technology

  • foreign languages

  • soft skills training


National Entrepreneurship Support Association offers its financial support to micro, small, and medium businesses and aspiring independent entrepreneurs. Currently NESA offers loans as part of the following loan funds:

  • Świętokrzyski Loan Fund

  • Świętokrzyski Fund

  • Szydłowiecki Loan Fund – "Expanding the loan fund capital towards easing problems of the job market"

  • Entrepreneurship Development Fund (TOR#10)

  • "Cash to start", a project carried out as part of Priority VI POKL, Action 6.2 – Entrepreneurship and self-employment support and promotion.

As a result of our actions, new companies are formed, entrepreneurship is developing and unemployment rates are dropping due to people finding employment in these new and expanding companies.


  • Start-Up (a newcomer's bundle): registering the businesses in appropriate offices, Social Insurance Institution registration, establishing accounting ledgers, preparing account plans, e.g.

  • Comprehensive accountancy

  • Income and expenditure books

  • HR

  • National Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund (PFRON)

  • Counseling / Advice

  • Other accountancy and HR support, e.g. filling out PIT declarations, VZM forms, invoicing etc.

22-11-2022, Robert Wojtal
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