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Investment Offer

The Municipality of Staszów is currently finishing its project of establishing a complete investment estate within the Staszów Economic Area – "Zone A".

The project includes preparation of an investment estate, marked as "Zone A", which involves equipping the 15 hectares of land with: waterworks, sanitary sewage, rainwater sewage, electricity access, gas pipeline network, streetlights, low-voltage network, and building an internal road network with access to province road no. 757 which links Opatów and Stopnica.

This "Zone A" has been separated into 16 investment lots, their individual areas ranging from 0,34 to 1,14 hectares. An internal road network has been built inside the Economic Area, connecting it to nearby access roads. The extensive infrastructure includes a rainwater treatment facility with a retention reservoir, a pumping station, and a transformer station.

The scope of this investment covered:

- construction of asphalt access roads, 6 meters wide and approximately 1545 meters long, with sidewalks, access roads to each individual investment lot, streetlights, and redevelopment of existing intersection with province road no. 757

- building a gravity rainwater sewage and treatment network, approximately 1300 meters long, which includes underground pipes, a treatment facility and a 1500 m2 retention reservoir, redoirecting the flow of existing watercourse and renovating its structure, building a pumping station, and providing electricity to the facilities

- creating a gravity sewage network which spans about 1300 meters, along with access pipes for each separate investment lot, including a system for wastewater disposal – connecting the Economic Area to Staszów's existing wastewater treatment plant, utilizing nearby pumping station and a discharge header, which spans about 784 meters and has its own electricity, a pumping station, and a control station

- construction of water supply network with approximate length of 1668 meters, including fire hydrants

- building a transformer station ( average voltage 15kV and minimum voltage 0,4 kV) with power lines (same voltage) and transforming the previously existing overhead lines into a cable line system, approximately 500 meters long

- construction of underground pipelines for low-voltage networks (phone line, monitoring system, IT network) approximately 1252 meters long

- installing large outdoor screens with power supply and control devices

Total areas:

- investment area – approx. 15,1 hectares,


- total area of individual investment lots – approx. 11,2 ha,

- total area of roads and technical infrastructure – approx. 3,8 ha.

There are no locations protected by the European Natura 2000 network at the Economic Area or in its vicinity; the closest protected site is located approx. 4,3 kilometers from the Area.



Grzybów - Area 6, "Zone A"

Town and Municipality of Staszów

Staszów County

Świętorzyskie Province


Total area: 12,0801 ha

Investment lots: 11,1847 ha (16 lots ranging from 0,34 ha to 1,15 ha)

Internal roads: 3,8954 ha


Main access road: Province Road no. 757 (Opatów – Stopnica), width: 6 m, smaller access roads leading to each individual investment lot

Highways/National Roads [with the distance in kilometers]

- National Road no. 9 Radom – Barwinek [36 km] (Łoniów),

- National Road no. 79 Warszawa – Bytom [25 km] (Połaniec),

- National Road no. 73 Wiśniówka – Jasło [14 km] (Stopnica)


Staszów – 6 km

railway siding in Grzybów – 3 km

Nearest international airports:

- Kraków (Balice Airport) – 130 km

- Rzeszów (Jasionka Airport) – 107 km

Nearest Province Capital:

Kielce – 66 km

Existing infrastructure:

Included along the internal road network are:

- cable line, minimum voltage 0,4kV

- cable line, average voltage 15kV

- gas pipeline

- waterworks

- sanitary sewage

- rainwater sewage

- underground technical infrastructure pipelines which can support each separate investment lot.


- Opportunity to conduct business at a specially prepared and separated lot.

- Opportunity to benefit from tax exemption which is granted through operating with a permit, at the Special Investment Estate*).

- Opportunity to benefit from an incentive system offered**) by the Municipality of Staszów for investors willing to conduct their business at "Zone A" .

*) - Efforts are underway to include the "Zone A" investment estate into the "Starachowice" Special Economic Zone

**) - Efforts are underway to create an incentive system, which would include the reduction or temporary removal of local taxes, for investors interested in conducting their business at "Zone A".

22-11-2022, Robert Wojtal
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